Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend getaway

It was full weekend for us with Mark already in Strahan for work and Finn playing his first game of soccer for the year on Saturday morning.

The boys have all improved so much since last year and it's going to be really fun to watch them develop even more as the year goes on.

The drive to Strahan was long but uneventful and we arrived just after dark. Mark had booked our cruise for the next day as a Mothers' Day surprise. It was cold and a little rainy on Sunday but it didn't really impact on our trip - we missed the hail storm on Sarah Island by minutes. It was a lovely trip and I especially liked the bit going through Hell's Gates - Finn like the bit with lunch!

We explored the West Coast a little on Monday - going as far as Rosebery. Finn stripped off on Ocean Beach - he really wanted to feel that fresh air! We visited a couple of waterfalls and the boys found lots of 'shrooms for me to photograph until my picture card was full and it was time to go home ...

30 April - 1 May

A quiet weekend at home. Not much to report.
Don't you just love the chair? Perfectly formed. Wait till you see the full-size version Grandad made. Action Man became my favourite photography subject - so patient and what a profile!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


A peaceful and choc-filled Easter break including the great egg hunt at Grandma's. The boys have all grown so much since last year - especially Toby.

Nick came for a sleepover and they did lots of cooperative gaming. Meanwhile in the garden lots of pruning was done and you can actually see the paths between the beds now.

Glad I took the opportunity to grab these pics with Nanny and Poppy - I have far too few.

I was so proud of Finn and all the other Cubs (and the Joeys and Scouts too of course) as they marched on ANZAC Day. My first ANZAC Day service I'm ashamed to say.

Yes, that is Gelli Baff - yuck!