Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The weekend of the Happy Fisherman

This was the weekend the fisherman's patience finally paid off, and what a great catch it was. Mark headed out on Saturday morning for more "casting practice" in the kayak and came back with this whopper.

I'm so pleased for him and it was lovely for Finn and I to be there to see it. We all love it at Penstock and this weekend was perfect.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Long weekend at the Block

We love it at the block.

What a beautiful weekend it was. Finn got me up for sunrise on Saturday morning and I went walking with the camera along the rocks and to the next beach, taking photo after photo as the sun rose. It was a mostly private experience but as I was crouched down on the beach taking photos of the dew on the grass I caught a movement in the corner of my eye. There was a woman kneeling next to me photographing the same dewdrops on the same grass! Quite strange.

Before breakfast that day I took the kayak out and it was so calm and still. The water was crystal clear and I saw a ray swooping through the water beneath me and a small shark lying on the sandy bottom.

We had a campfire on Saturday and Sunday nights with marshmallow toasting one night and pancakes the next.

One morning Mark and I paddled out through the bay to Sullivan Point while Finn stayed back at camp with Matt and Leah. We realised it had been 10 years since we had been paddling together alone. This was mostly because we only had one kayak for most of that time! But just the same it was a very special thing to be able to do together again.

The boys swam and snorkled and Finn spent a lot of time playing on the rocks, out in the water in his wetsuit. None of use really wanted to leave and it was after 5 on Monday before we said goodbye - for now.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March is here

March is here already and this weekend threw up some pretty decent weather.

After talking about it for what seems like forever Mark, Finn, Scott and Sam went for a Saturday morning boat trip and by all accounts had a great time. Didn't bring back the requested flathead but caught a few squid which provided entertainment for the boys (big ones and little ones).

Finn and Sam spent the afternoon with battleships, Lego, table soccer, Nerf guns and an enormous meal of Maccas. Boy heaven really.

By evening Finn was starting to go downhill with a cold, which was miraculously cured in time for Angus' party at Zone 3. Funny thing that. It was great to see the little man and check out his seriously cool skatebowl cake.

Mark slipped away to the lakes again for more casting practice.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

26th and 27th February 2011

We arrived at the Lagoon just before sunset. The sky was beautiful and the water perfectly still except for the jumping fish. A campsite close to the edge of the water was the best way to enjoy the highlands experience. Even a flat tyre at the end of the weekend didn't spoil the great time we had.